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Flower-Shaped Pesto Bread

I’m sure everybody of you knows these occasions when you are planning a nice party or dinner with your friends and everybody is asked to bring something to eat. One of these occasions was the annual Christmas dinner of my pottery class. If there is no official list to prevent that the same food is made by more than one person, choosing what to prepare can be really challenging. Nobody wants a buffet which is not varied. I decided to make flower shaped pesto bread this year. I had seen stuff like that on the internet before and was always thrilled with the look of this kind of bread. It is suitable to every kind of food, no matter if it is salad, soup, or grilled meat. In the beginning, I was a bit scared by the beautiful shape of these bread, but as it turned out it is not difficult at all. Flower Bread with Pesto Source: Yield: 1 flower bread Ingredients 600 g flour 300 ml lukewarm water 1 cube fresh yeast …