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Chocolate Chip Muffins

There are so many recipes for chocolate chip muffins available right now on the internet that it is almost oversaturation and unmanageable. Everywhere you can read „the best recipe of the universe“, which is promising the easiest and tastiest chocolate chip muffins, that – on top of that – is exceptionally inventive. Apparently, there isn’t any reason to publish more recipes for chocolate chip muffins, right? I am asking this question because despite the huge range of available recipes, I tried a lot of them and the result didn’t fulfill my expectations at all. The great characteristics of muffins are, that it is possible to prepare them super fast, usually, the dough is very easy to make and there are hundreds of variations possible. Concerning all these things muffins are just unbeatable. Today’s recipe was developed after one of the attempts where I didn’t like the result. It was developed by trial and error, and all experiences I made with the recipes mentioned above were used to get the result I wanted. I will not …