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Moroccan Pomegranade Salad

Moroccan Pomegranade Salad with Onions

Pomegranades are fruits that always cause some kind of wanderlust. Together with figs and dates they always remind me of deserts and the „Tales of 1001 Nights“. The recipe for the following salad I found in the cookbook „A month in Marrakesh“ by Andy Harris. It combines two very different flavours: pomegranades and onions. This combination just matches perfect with bread like Simit, Hummus and other dishes known from the mediterranean Meze. Moroccan Pomegranade Salad with Onions Source: „One month in Marrakesh“ by Andy Harris, slightly modified Yield: ca. 4 portions Ingredients 2 pomegranades 2 red onions sea salt black pepper Instructions Remove the pomegranade seeds and put them into a bowl. cut the onions into very small rings, add them to the pomegranade seeds and mix well. Season with plenty of salt and pepper. Let the salad rest for about 20 minutes before serving.