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Pirohi with Poppyseed Filling

I have always been fascinated by everything Eastern European. I don’t know where this fascination comes from, but I remember that already when I was a kid I imagined smoggy mountains, Dracula-like castles on piercy mountain tops, vast prairies, huge forests and magnificent architecture. Unfortunately I haven’t travelled to many of these countries I have in mind when talking about Eastern Europe (only Ukraine, Bulgaria, Hungary and Czech Republic so far), but the experiences I made did not change my interest. There are so many different aspects to explore, there is so much tradition which is lived daily and the landscape is so diverse that it probably takes a lifetime to get a comprehensive picture. Of course on very important aspect of this culture is the food. I remember me and some fellow students of mine preparing Wareniki somewhere in Western Ukraine while doing an excursion to visit remnants of virgin forests. We were told that only if we are able to make this dish, we are allowed to marry. I do not know how …