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German Easter Cake

Osterfladen – German Easter Cake

The traditional pastry we Germans bake at Easter is „Osterfladen“, a delicious loaf made with yeast, currants, rum and a lot more ingredients that harmonize just perfectly. I’m spending Easter usually with my family, and we always enjoy the Osterfladen either at breakfas or with our afternoon tee or coffee. I looked for a good recipe for Osterfladen for quite some time. This one is the best I have ever made, I found it in the weekly supplement of our newspaper, where there is a recipe included every week. The cook who is responsible for it is Anna Schwarzmann, a professional chef at a restaurant in Überacker near Munich. German Easter Cake Source: SZ Magazin Issue 12/2015 Ingredients dough: 30 ml rum 100 g currants 20 g candied orange peel 20 g candied lemon peel 250 g flour 75 ml milk 20 g fresh yeast 1 egg 2 egg yolks 40 g sugar pith of 1 vanilla pod 75 g soft butter 1 pinch of salt some fresh lemon peel glaze: 1 egg yolk 1 …