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Tray-baked Cherry Cake

In my opinion, cherries are the epitome of summer. In spring, cherry trees – and fruit trees in general – play a major role with their blossoms, and in summer everybody loves their fruit. I still remember when my parents and I spent our holidays in Tuscany when I was a kid. We rented a small apartment on a farm for a couple of days, and even though my memories are not that comprehensive anymore because of my young age, I still remember the cherry harvest that took place at that time. Huge fruit meadows with cherry trees, the crowns full with dark, juicy fruits. Sights like these stuck in my head and cause an emerging of the summer feelings, even if it has been a long time since then. Cherries are versatile deployable fruits. They are great used in cakes and desserts, it is possible to preserve them, and combined with duck breast, for example, they make a perfect sweet component in savory dishes. Today’s recipe is an easy tray-baked cherry cake. I made …