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Madeira – Funchal Botanical Garden

Two weeks ago, my boyfriend and I traveled to Madeira. I wanted to visit this island for a very long time, honestly, since I watched the “Sissi”-trilogy starring Romy Schneider when I was a little child. In that movie, she has to recover from a bad lung disease and therefore has to stay in better climate conditions. Best place for that: Madeira! With its position in the Atlantic Ocean a bit south of the Canary Islands, the temperatures vary just slightly during the year and make it a perfect travel destination even in the winter.

For me, one of the things on top of my “I’m not going home without visiting that”-list was the Botanical Garden of Funchal. I am a HUGE fan of plants. I tend to annoy the people around me because of my urgent need to take photographs of every interesting plant I see, to find out the correct Latin name AND to collect seeds in order to grow them at home…you should see my windowsill! Therefore this post is packed with pictures, but I think photos give the best impression of waht to expect.







Botanical Garden in Funchal, Madeira


The following flower (Strelitzia reginae) is very typical for Madeira. Like many other plants which are growing on this island, it is not indigenous and was imported by seafarers.



I still can’t overcome the disappointment that I could not get any seeds of a tropical tree called Ceiba speciosa that you can find in Funchal very frequently. Its pink flowers are beautiful, but the seeds don’t fall down, instead of that the pots keep hanging on the branches until they burst open and release the seeds which are distributed by the wind.


Another very fascinating feature of this tree is its bark, which is protected by thousands of thorns.




I hope I could give you some impressions of the botanical garden in Funchal! I’m always thankful for useful tips regarding botanical gardens which are worth visiting!



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