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Quiche Lorraine

Quiche lorraine for me is one of THE typical dishes of the French kitchen. Everybody knows croissants, tarts, madeleines, quiches and everything else where only the sound of the word is enough to bring up thoughts and feelings of the French cuisine and pastry art. I didn’t try many French recipes yet. Quiche lorraine is one of these few, but it is definitely one of my favorites. I have made it a couple of times yet, and every time it just turned out to be perfect. For me, the most difficult part is the preparation of the shortcrust, which I do not like to make at all. But as soon as this phase is passed, this recipe is not difficult at all. The dough needs to rest in the fridge for about 2 hours, which assures that it is possible to roll out the dough properly afterward. Admittedly this dish is completely unsuitable for vegetarians and vegans. The topping of the quiche lorraine consists of cheese, cream, and ham. I also recommend not to count …

tomato tart

Tomato Tart with Creamy Balsamico

Today’s tomato tart recipe can almost be categorized as fast food. Not because of its ingredients, but because of the minimum in time that it takes to prepare it. One important aspect, of course, is that the used puff pastry is store-bought. If you used handmade puff pastry, nobody wouls even think about naming it fast food, as it takes several days to prepare puff pastry on one’s own. Till now I’ve only made good experiences with store-bought puff pastry, it works well as well for savory as for sweet recipes. Beside the puff pastry, you’ll need only 4 ingredients to prepare the tomato tarts. The preparation is very easy and fast which is why I decided to make them last week when I had not much time for cooking. Warming these tarts up on the next day also works very well, so I usually take the rest to work. Tomato Tarts Source: own creation Yield: 4-6 small tarts Ingredients 1 package store-bought puff pastry 4 tomatoes about 4 tbsp crème fraiche some honey some …

Lentil Tart

Lentil Tart with Hummus and Zaatar-seasoned Carrots

For me it is often very difficult to be creative when cooking vegetarian. I often tend to find something that I like and then I repeat cooking that dish until I don’t like it anymore because of oversaturation. Last weekend I wanted to break out of that circle so I raided my fridge in order to use everything possible and turn it into a meal. That attempt finally worked out very well, and it is declared intent to repeat that procedure very soon. The dish that finally came out was a tart with dough mainly made of red lentils, filled with homemade hummus and topped with carrots. It is possible to keep it in the fridge for a couple of days, which is very convenient if you want to take the rest to work. Lentil Tart with Hummus and Zaatar-Carrots Source: own creation Yield: 1 springform pan, diameter = 20 cm Ingredients dough: 150 g red lentils 2 small onions 2 garlic cloves 30 g ginger 4 slices of wholegrain toast 2 tbsp tahini ½ …