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Bulgur Salad with Bell Paprika

A friend of mine organized a barbecue party this weekend, and I wanted to bring a salad that I have never made yet: a salad with bulgur. I very often read about bulgur in the past and was always a bit curious about its taste, but somehow I have never tried it yet. Luckily, I could change that this weekend. The bulgur salad was a welcome change at the buffet and didn’t have to hide. The tomato paste, combined with grape molasses and lemon juice, gives the salad a very special sweet-sour aroma. I restricted myself to onions, spring onions, and bell pepper, but of course, you can try other vegetables, too. Bulgur Salad with Bell Paprika Source: own creation Yield: 1 salad bowl Ingredients 500 g bulgur 2 bell pepper 5 spring onions 1 red onion (medium size) 150 g double-concentrated tomato paste 50 ml lemon juice 30 ml grape molasses 120 ml oil 40 finely chopped parsley salt pepper Instructions Chop the onion, cut the bell peppers into small cubes and slice the …


Beet Salad with Chickpeas

Today’s beet salad is a typical result of using leftovers and vegetable scraps from the fridge. I made the experience, that these kind of dishes are either great or inedible, so, fortunately, in this case, I loved the result. The combination of the sweet apple and slightly austere beets is just great, and the feta and tuna add two more completely different flavors to that salad. Beside that, thanks to the tuna, cheese, and chickpeas, you will not end up being hungry. Concerning preparing salad dressing, I am probably the laziest person on earth. This is why there are only four ingredients necessary to get the salad dressing done. If you are more of a dressing-making-person than I am, feel free to make your own experiments, but for me, this combination worked well. There are already so many different flavors in the salad that it is completely fine for the dressing to play a minor role. Beet Salad with Chickpeas Source: own creation Yield: 1 Ingredients For the salad 2 small/ 1 big beets, peeled …

field salad

Field Salad with Roasted Apples and Goat Cheese

A couple of years ago my doctor recommended me to reduce carbohydrates in my daily food. At that time I had never given a thought about the different components that influence metabolism, digestion and blood sugar, and therefore spent a lot of time afterwards reading product labels at the supermarket and websites concerning nutrition. One of my favourite recipes which I regularly make since then is field salad, combined with roasted apples, goat cheese and creamy balsamic vinegar. I love the interaction of different flavors, and here sweet, sour and cheesy is combined just perfectly! Field Salad with Roasted Apples and Goat Cheese Source: own creation Yield: 1 Ingredients 1 big handful of field salad 1-2 sour apples (for example Elstar, Braeburn or Boskoop) 3 small goat cream cheese talers Some olive oil dark balsamic vinegar creamy balsamic vinegar Instructions Clean the filed salad and arrange on a plate. Peel the apples and cut them into slices. Heat a little bit of olive oil and place the slices in the pan. Wait until golden brown, …

Moroccan Pomegranade Salad

Moroccan Pomegranade Salad with Onions

Pomegranades are fruits that always cause some kind of wanderlust. Together with figs and dates they always remind me of deserts and the „Tales of 1001 Nights“. The recipe for the following salad I found in the cookbook „A month in Marrakesh“ by Andy Harris. It combines two very different flavours: pomegranades and onions. This combination just matches perfect with bread like Simit, Hummus and other dishes known from the mediterranean Meze. Moroccan Pomegranade Salad with Onions Source: „One month in Marrakesh“ by Andy Harris, slightly modified Yield: ca. 4 portions Ingredients 2 pomegranades 2 red onions sea salt black pepper Instructions Remove the pomegranade seeds and put them into a bowl. cut the onions into very small rings, add them to the pomegranade seeds and mix well. Season with plenty of salt and pepper. Let the salad rest for about 20 minutes before serving.