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Silhouette Christmas Cards

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my individually designed letter paper. In that post, I already told you about my love for handwritten letters. In today’s post, I will show you how to make individually designed Christmas cards using a silhouette. Paper cutting is one of my favourite techniques for decorating cards because you can make individual designs for every purpose. There are designs available online or you just make your own design. I decided to make a star-shaped silhouette this year because it matches perfectly with Christmas and with just a few changes you can make a lot of different versions of that design. For the paper silhouette Christmas card you´ll need: plain Christmas cards and matching envelopes paper for the silhouette (I used rests of last year’s Christmas wrapping paper, which is red on one side and golden on the other. The stars are not supposed to be very big, so even small paper rests will work well.) Needed material small scissors (there are special scissors for paper silhouette) or cutter and …

letter paper

Botanical Inspired Letter Paper

I am a bit old-fashioned in some points, so that is why I think it is a pity that there are so few letters are written nowadays. Don’t understand me wrong, I do not want to deny the use and advantages of emails. They are for free, the sending process is super fast and very often you get the answer immediately. But despite these advantages, I am always happy about receiving a handwritten letter. Of course, I love writing letters, too. A letter is always much more personal than an email. It indicates that somebody sat down made the effort to tell about one’s life. Another good aspect of writing letters is using nice letter paper. But beautiful letter paper often has one big disadvantage: it is very expensive. That is the reason why I started thinking about making my own, personally designed letter paper. I decided to do a design that was inspired by plants, as I am a huge plant fan (you probably already know), and I had the necessary material pressed leaves) …