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Macchia at Costa Merlata – Botanical Impressions

During our holidays in Apulia this year, a very special vegetation type caught my attention: the macchia that grows along the coast. You are asking yourself why this vegetation type is special? For somebody, who is not into this kind of stuff, probably nothing…..but for all the others the plants there might have a very subtle beauty to offer. The heat during the summer in combination with the sandy, sparse soil, the wind and the salt from the sea, allows only plants to exist, which are highly adapted to that conditions. The plants of the macchia do not look like the shrubs and plants that you usually plant in your gardens. They are very often small, some of them are creeping plants, and their flowers are so teeny that you have to look very carefully to notice them. The gnarly shrubs and trees rise from the dunes, which makes the macchia, especially after heavy rains like we experienced them this year, to a place with very special atmosphere. Convince yourself!

Apulia – Discovering the Charm of Southern Italy

This year my mom and I spent our holiday in the south of Italy. We decided to travel to Apulia, a region that we both had visited before. It is hard to explain what it is that I like so much about the south of Italy. The landscape is more meager than for example in Tuscany. The coast is rocky and depending on the region there are huge plantations of olive trees. Most of the trees are age-old and they look exactly like that. I have seldom seen so many beautiful olive trees at one place! The soil in Apulia is mostly reddish brown and the architecture shows Moorish influences. For me, all these characteristics make this part of Italy to a very special place that has retained its authentic charm. The weather this year was comparably bad, so we had to use the car a lot to get to places where we assumed the weather would be better. Our hotel is located near Ostuni, the “white city”. Ostuni ist located on a hill a …

Lake Garda

Lake Garda – Impressions

Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I traveled to Lake Garda in Northern Italy. Living near Munich in Bavaria until I was 24 years old, Italy was always our first choice. It is not far away and even weekend trips are possible. This preference for Italy as travel destination never changed, and as we spent our holiday at Lake Garda two years ago, we decided to go there again. I am frequently ambivalent when I have to decide where to go for holidays. On one hand, I love to visit new places and make new experiences. On the other hand, I enjoy knowing which restaurants are good and which hotel to choose. Traveling to a place where you have been before allows you to deepen the experiences you made. You already know what is good and what to avoid, and at least you can refrain from typical tourist attractions (you already saw them) and just do what locals do. This year we divided our stay up into two blocks, one half we spent in the …

Pasticciotto con Crema – Italian Pastry in Lecce

For me, Italy is – and always was – my travel destination number one. Since I was a small kid my parents and I went to Italy almost every year, enjoying the culture, the climate and the large variety of Italian food. According to the different climatic conditions, the Italian kitchen includes hearty meals from the more Northern regions as well light dishes from the South. For me it was a big surprise to detect how many varieties of Italian pastry actually exist. I was just not thinking about that. I knew that they have a lot of cakes and I knew that Italian people love their croissants (usually filled with “crema”) for breakfast, but what I didn’t know was that especially in the South of Italy they make some very specific kinds of pastry, for example Pasticciotti and Bocconotti. Two years ago I travelled to Apulia for the first time and I loved it. The landscape and the vegetation varies widely from regions in Italy that I had seen before. The landscape is dominated …