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Reiseberichte aus Indien.


India – Impressions

Five years ago today I came back from India where I assessed the data for my bachelor thesis. I still have wonderful memories of that country, the people, the nature, and just all the – sometimes annoying – aspects of living there that differ so extremely from living in Europe. This is the reason why I decided to share some of my impressions. Delhi In the beginning, I stayed in Delhi for a couple of weeks, where I prepared all the necessary information and background knowledge for the data assessment. During this time I barely had the chance to visit anything not related to work, but still the feeling of actually being in India was amazing. I very well remember the first days. The different lifestyle, the smell, the crowds of people, the color and especially the exotism fascinated me from the beginning. On my second day, I observed monkeys climbing up a tree in front of our house. I had never seen monkeys before that were not kept in a zoo, so this was …