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Botanical Garden Munich

Burst of Buds – Early Spring at Munich’s Botanical Garden

Every year I am desperately awaiting spring. I am not a winter person. Not at all. Ther perfect year for me would be spring – summer – autumn – spring. But unfortunately there is this unconfortable, cold and dark season that I spend mainly waiting for warmer, brighter times. Spring itself is very interesting, especially from a botanical point of view. On one hand everything is waking up and all these different colours appear. On the other hand, there are so many things that indicate that all plants are still in a state that allow the focus on small details. These details vanish as soon as all the flowering and leave-growing begins: buds. During my studies in forestry at university we had to learn all the different buds of trees and shrubs. This was necessary to be able to identify these plants during winter. That was the time when I first realised how different buds look and how detailed they are designed by nature. I know this sounds a bit nerdy right now, but everybody …

Dresden – Cake at Coselpalais

Dresden has been one of my favourite cities in Germany since I had the chance to visit it during a scholl excursion a couple of years ago. Like many other people I tend to visit rather foreign countries for holiday than the tourist hotspots in my home country. As a result I don’t have many German cities to compare, but nonetheless Dresden instantly captured my heart. As the capital of Saxony, Dresden is mainly known for two things: its destruction during the second worldwar and the beautiful „Canaletto-View“ of the historical center. Its great location on the banks of the Elbe as well as its great architecture are always worth a visit. For me, cake at the „Coselpalais“ is one of the things that just belong to a visit in this city. Located directly next to the Frauenkirche, this restaurant is one of the prime addresses in the historical center and, even better, they serve great cake! And after a pleasant and refreshing time there everybody is prepared for exploring this beautiful city! One of …