Hi, my name is Theresa and welcome to HuckleberrySin.de!
On this blog, I share everything that enriches my daily life, starting with food, gardening, and creative projects through to travel experiences and photography. This blog, therefore is for all of you, who just love to put creative projects into practice, no matter if it is a new recipe, growing vegetables, a sewing project or some handcrafting.


In the beginning, this blog was supposed to be a pure food blog. However, I very soon realized, that I don’t want to restrict myself to that topic. Nevertheless cooking and baking will make a major contribution to the blog.

Beside that, I have a great passion for plants. No matter if it is about gardening, collecting seeds or plant photography, I just love everything about it. Therefore I am very interested in botanical gardens and will post about botanical gardens, arboretums, and parks, which are worth visiting. Gardening is a thing I enjoy very much, too. Very often I am looking for unusual seeds, have to cope with the limited space on my balcony or stroll over weekly markets in Germany or abroad looking for seldom vegetable varieties. Especially tomatoes appeal to me in that context.

When I am not cooking/baking or gardening, I spent my free time with several creative projects. I love working with paper, wool/yarn und fabric. Not long ago I started with carving stamps, too. Very often I do one technique for some time, and then start something (completely) different.

Long story short, I hope you like it here on HuckleberrySin and stop by from time to time. I’d love to see you around!

I’d absolutely love to hear from you! For questions and suggestions, please send an email to contacthuckleberrysin(at)gmail.com or use the comment function below.

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